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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad


Last Name : ATTAF

First Name : Ahmed

Date and place of birth: July 10, 1953 in Ain Defla

Marital status: Married, three children

Working languages: Arabic, French, English


  • Diplomas :

1980 : English Language Proficiency Diploma, Hunter College, New York.

1977 : Diploma of high studies in Political Science, University of Algiers.

1975 : National School of Administration.


  • Diplomacy Career :

2001-2004 : Ambassador of Algeria to the United Kingdom

1996-1999 : Minister of Foreign Affairs

1994-1996 : Spokesperson of the Government

1994-1996 : Secretary of State for Cooperation and Maghreb Affairs

1992-1994 : Ambassador of Algeria to India

1989-1991 : Ambassador of Algeria to Yugoslavia

1984-1989 : Director of International Political Affairs

1983-1984 : United Nations expert on nuclear weapon free zones

        Member of the Group of Experts on Regional Conventional Disarmament

1982-1984: Deputy Director of Strategic Affairs and Disarmament-MFA

1979-1982 : Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Algeria to the United Nations in New York, in charge of the 2nd Committee: economic and financial issues.

1977-1979 : Head of the Political Affairs Division of the Organization of African Unity -MFA-

1977: Head of the Multilateral Treaties Division -MFA-.


  • Participation in the diplomatic representation activities of Algeria:

1989: Member of the Committee of Six and the Tripartite Committee on the Lebanese crisis (Taif Agreement).

1981-1985: Member of the delegations accompanying President Chadli during his State visits to Washington (1985), Paris (1982) and Moscow (1981).

1979-1989 : Member of the Algerian delegations to the Councils of Ministers and Summits of Heads of State of international and regional organizations including:

  • The Organization of African Unity,
  • The League of Arab States,
  • The Organization of the Islamic Conference,
  • The Non-Aligned Movement,
  • The Arab Maghreb Union (including the preparatory meetings for the constitution of the UMA),
  • The G77 and the G15.

1981: Spokesperson of the G77 at the Caracas meeting on South-South cooperation.


  • Political career :

2014-2017 : Secretary General of the Political Office of "Talaie El Houriyet" party.

1997 : President of the parliamentary group of the National Democratic Movement (RND) in the National Popular Assembly (APN).

1997 : RND deputy during the first pluralistic mandate of the APN.

1997-2008: Member of the RND Central Committee.


  • Academic career:

2009-2013: Associate Professor at the National Superior School of Political Sciences of Algiers.

1977-1978 : Assistant in constitutional law at the ENA.


  • Publications :

1998: Integrism, a counter-culture in Algeria: Interviews with Bachir Boumaaza, Ahmed Attaf and Abdelkader Tafar, Editions L'Harmattan

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