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Entry visa to Algeria

  1. Except those not subject to this formality, foreigners wishing to travel to Algeria must previously obtain a visa from diplomatic and consular posts.
  2. Foreigners can obtain diplomatic, service, courtesy, press, tourist, business, study, work, temporary work, family, medical, cultural, transit visas.
  3. Visa application forms can be downloaded from the websites of the diplomatic and consular posts. They must be completed in duplicate and accompanied by: a passport, valid for at least of six months, passport’s photocopy, two (02) recent identity photos, identical identity documents, a travel insurance and repatriation assistance certificate. They must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate of the applicant's usual place of residence, accompanied by the additional documents indicated according to the type of visa requested.
  4. The applicant originating from a foreign country and residing in the host country will provide in support of his application, the residence card and its photocopy
  5. The application for a family visa will be accompanied by the certificate of accommodation drawn up by a member of the Algerian family of the applicant and legalized by the Town Hall of the place of accommodation of the inviting person in Algeria.

  6. The business visa application must be supported by a letter from the employer (mission letter) or a letter of invitation from the partner in Algeria and a hotel reservation or a certificate support by the inviting organization.
  7. The application for a tourist visa must be accompanied either by a certificate of accommodation legalized by the Town Hall of the place of accommodation in Algeria, or by a hotel reservation or a certificate from a travel agency specifying the nature and place of the trip.


  8. Tourists traveling to Algeria within an organized framework (tourist agencies): the visa is issued within 48 hours after receipt of the complete file by the diplomatic or consular post concerned.


  9. The work visa application must be accompanied by a Temporary Work Authorization, an employment contract and a commitment to repatriate the foreign worker at the end of the employment relationship.


  10. The application for a temporary work visa (for a maximum stay of 03 months) must be accompanied by:
  • Either an assistance or service provision contract, in which case, the visa is not subject to the prior obtaining of the Provisional Authorization for Temporary Work (APTT);
  • Or an employment contract, a Provisional Authorization for Temporary Work (APTT) and a repatriation commitment.
  1. The request for a cultural visa will be accompanied by an invitation to a seminar or      an event of a cultural, scientific or sporting nature and proof of resources for the duration of the stay.


  2. The request for a study visa must be justified by a certificate of registration in a public or private educational establishment approved by the Algerian State, a scholarship certificate issued by the Algerian authorities or the authorities of his country, or proof of the means to pay for his studies and his stay.


  3. The request for a transit visa is supported by the justification of obtaining the entry visa of the country of destination in case of requirement of this formality and proof of resources. Stopover permits from 02 to 7 days are issued to the crews of ships and aircraft.


  4. A regularization visa could be issued on arrival, exceptionally and in case of emergency, by the authorized authorities.


  5. The visa applicant pays the chancery fees, the amount of which varies according to the country. In application of the principle of reciprocity, the nationals of certain countries are exempt from paying chancery fees.


  6. Extension of the visa on the spot: the visa can be extended in Algeria under certain conditions.

16- Duration of visa:

- Duration of visa validity: 90 days, 180 days, one (01) year and two (2) years.

- Duration of stay: the maximum duration of stay authorized at each entry into Algeria is 90 days, which may, exceptionally, be extended not to exceed 90 days. The actual cumulative stay may not exceed 180 days per year.

- Duration of stay of the transit visa is 07 days.

17- Number of entries: single entry or multiple entries depending on the type of visa and depending on the case.

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