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1. Judicial records

The Algerian community abroad, as well as any foreign nationals who have resided in Algeria and are currently living abroad, may obtain a copy of their judicial records (Casier Judiciaire No 3) from the Embassy.

To that end, applicants must provide the following:

  • Original full birth certificate
  • Valid ID (registration card, passport or national identity card)
  • Proof of residence in Algeria (for foreign nationals)
  • Self addressed prepaid envelop
  • Application Form filled out and signed by the applicant


2. National Military Service

Issuance of Deferment and Exemption Cards

In order to facilitate our on-going efforts aimed at expediting delivery of National Military Service Deferment Cards or Exemption Cards received by our office, Algerian citizens who have submitted applications to that effect are hereby requested to contact the Office of Consular Affairs of the Embassy of Algeria.

Registration & Deferment :

National Service registration (Recensement) is required at the age of 18. This procedure is automatically carried out by the Embassy for all Algerian nationals born in the United States of America, as well as those who are registered at the Embassy.

3. Minor child travel

An Algerian minor (19 years old or younger) traveling to Algeria on his own or with another person except his parents must have a notarized parental authorization for travel to be signed by the father. This document is required by the Algerian Authorities at any border control Point (including Airports, Ports or Land Borders).

This document is not required when the minor´s parents are divorced or separated on condition that:

  • The minor lives abroad with his mother.
  • The mother holds a Court Order with full custody, which must be shown as evidence by the mother when leaving Algeria.


  • Application Form:
  • Original and a copy of a Full Birth Certificate for the minor, or the parents' Family Book.
  • Father´s Consular Card, National Identity or Passport.
  • Money Order.

This document is only valid for three (03) months.

The presence of the father or guardian is required when the parental authorization is issued.

The applicant must present his identity card along with the "livret de famille" or the birth certificate.

In a situation where the father is deceased or both parents are deceased, the presence of a parent or guardian is required to issue the parental travel authorization.

Minor children with divorced or separated parents or in full custody of their mother are exempted from the paternal travel authorization.

In this case, the child will leave the Algerian territory accompanied by his/her mother who must provide proofs of:

  • Her residence card.
  • The copy of the custody document.
  • All documents showing the legal presence of the child abroad (residence or school attendance certificate).
  • His family booklet (livret de famille) or other document showing the family ties.

4. Travel document - laissez passer

A Laissez-Passer is a travel document issued in exceptional cases to enable the beneficiary to return to Algeria. It cannot be used as an identity document. The Laissez-Passer has a very limited validity of (30) days only, and should be used to enter Algeria within that time frame.

Required Documents to apply for a Laissez-passer:

  • Application form.
  • Declaration of loss of the passport.
  • Proof of Algerian nationality (national identity card, military card with photograph). Driving license and birth certificate are not acceptable as they don't constitute evidence of nationality.
  • Four (4) recent photographs.
  • Travel ticket

5. Power of attorney:(procuration) for the algerian citizen only

This document is issued by the Algerian Embassies to enable the Algerian citizens, living in its consular circumscription to grant someone living in Algeria the legal capacity to act on their behalf, represent them and conduct business or any transaction in their stead. The applicant must necessarily introduce his/her proxy in person and present the following documents:

• When walk in bring:

  • Application Form (download) dully filled, to be signed before the consulate officer.
  • Proof of identity (original document: Consular card, passport or national ID).
  • Postal Service money-order (only), payable to the order of the Embassy, for each proxy submitted.

• Applying by mail:

  • Application Form dully filled and signed by the applicant and legalized by a public notary. The seal of the notary must be on the Form.
  • A notarized copy of a valid Algerian ID (Consular card, passport or national ID).
  • Postal Service money-order (only), payable to the order of the Embassy of Algeria for each proxy submitted.
  • A prepaid return envelope.

6. Elections

The consular section establishes a voting card for each citizen registered on the electoral roll. Citizens who wish to register on the electoral roll must meet the Following conditions:

  • Must be registered at the embassy.
  • Must be 18 years old on Election Day.
  • Must have civil and political rights.

Review of the electoral rolls:

There are two types of review of the electoral rolls;

Ordinary review: the ordinary review of the electoral rolls is held every year from 1st to 31st October.

Exceptional review: the electoral rolls may be revised exceptionally during the announcement of an election. The opening and closing of the period of exceptional review dates are set by presidential decree.

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