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Arab countries

  • The Arab world represents one of the main axes of Algeria's foreign policy, as it belongs to this region whose strategic depth is tangible. Algeria is an active and effective member of the League of Arab States, a founding member of the Maghreb Union and a key stakeholder in the relations of the League of Arab States with regional organizations.
  • The importance of the Arab region for Algerian foreign policy is reflected in the multitude of political, economic and security challenges that constantly and increasingly affect its security and stability. Over the past decade, many Arab countries have experienced political tensions and unpeaceful events.
  • The security threats resulting from these political upheavals are one of the main constraints on the security and stability of the Arab world, including Algeria, notably with the situation in Libya, the widespread and dangerous proliferation of weapons, the increase in armed groups and illegal immigration, and transnational organized crime, which makes the issue of crises in the Arab world a priority for Algerian diplomacy
  • Algeria has worked, on all occasions, to assert its positions for the settlement of the crises known in the Arab Organization, appealing to give priority to peaceful approaches, reject foreign interference, internationalize the crises and to adopt an internal dialogue between the parties in conflict, in order to achieve political settlements that preserve the unity and stability of these countries.


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