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At Algeria’s initiative, Security Council calls for independent investigation into mass graves in Gaza

At Algeria’s initiative, Security Council calls for independent investigation into mass graves in Gaza

The members of the Security Council unanimously adopted on Friday a press statement proposed by Algeria, calling for immediate, independent, in-depth, transparent and unbiased investigations, to determine the circumstances behind the mass graves still being discovered in the strip of Gaza, exposing the real and despicable image of the Zionist entity’s killing machine.

The adoption of the press statement comes following a Security Council’s closed-door discussion convened by Algeria last Tuesday on the mass graves in Gaza.

The Council’s members expressed their deep concern over reports on the discovery of mass graves in and around the Nasser and Chifa hospitals in Gaza, where several hundreds of bodies, including women, children and old people, were buried.

The members of the Council also stressed the importance of allowing an unhindered access for the investigators to mass graves sites in Gaza.

This consensus lays bare the depth of resentment within the international community over the occupier’s persistence in committing its crimes and the lack of trust in the investigations conducted by the occupation authorities.

In this respect, the members of the Council stressed the necessity of ensuring accountability for those violating the international law and called on all the parties to comply strictly with the obligations incumbent upon them, in accordance with the international law, including the humanitarian international law and the international human rights law, notably regarding the protection of the civilians.

In the face of the tragedy experienced by the families of the victims and the missing persons, the Council’s members noted, once again, that importance of enabling families to learn the fate and whereabouts of their missing relatives, in accordance with the provisions of the international humanitarian law.

The Council’s members also underlined that all the parties must immediately and fully implement the resolutions 2728 (2024), 2720 (2023) and 2712 (2023) of the Security Council in order to alleviate the Palestinian people’s suffering.

Algeria succeeded, once again, in proposing a Council document garnering unanimous consensus among all members, intensifying thereby the international pressure on the Zionist occupier, no longer able to shy away from its responsibilities.

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